I moustache you a question.

The Victorians had the right idea, rocking the upper lip facial fuzz. A sign of the gentry, dignity, formality. Sadly the moustache has slipped from the face of society; it  lies limp and lifeless on the floor. Only resurrected by the gun-sligning antics of Yosemite Sam by’Looney Tunes Repeats.’ Some of you may or may not know that I once tried to grow one myself. “I mean how hard can it be?” For November last year I attempted ‘Movember’ in aid of prostate cancer. An easy month of abandoning my top lip, leaving it to fend for itself. Sadly the result made me look like a slightly dirty, pre-pubescent Mexican boy. I am also sure that there will have been Mexican babies that were born with more of a moustache than me. Now…if there has been a ‘Beardvember’ I would have walked that, sadly it doesn’t have the same ring. For the time being, if I feel like having a moustache, I will resort to drawing one on in permanent marker, then regretting it in the morning. I highly recommend trying ‘Movember,’ as it is in a good cause, and I will be joining you again this year. Give it a shot…if you think you’re hairy enough.

There is an air of history as you look up at worn oil paintings of people gone by; sadly the last time moustaches were in fashion so were flares and the BeeGees. The demise of the moustahce lead to it seeming uncool, badly associated with your dad’s awful fashion sense. But the time is now….moustaches are back!There has been a small resurgence, prompted by the indie socialites of London. Tweed jackets, and loafers make a beautiful moustache accessory, so don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. My ‘facial fuzz of the week’ goes to Brian Blessed, more because I think the man is  legend, and felt like blogging about him. As for moustaches…. I say ditch the razor, whip out your Top Hat, polish your monacle, and take a leaf out of the upper middle classes. I would join you, if I could.


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