It’s the final countdown

Four separate filming locations, four separate hours, it was never going to work. My day has vanished into a blur of taxis and trains, dragged around West Yorkshire in search of a good grade. The only benefit was we managed to sneak from Leeds to Wakefield without paying for a ticket; I may take up a career as a stealth spy. I have adopted that last minute cobble it together approach in the hope I will find something half presentable. On the upside I have crossed another off my to do list, that dreaded ethics essay finally bit the dust; I was half tempted to hurl my books from the skylight, I would have if I wasn’t so scared of what the library would do to me. A cold sweat clung to my forehead as my word count spiralled out of control, I desperately tried to cram all my intellect into what little space I had left, then trim the fat from my chubby essay. However, this isn’t the end; to print my essay demanded a small forest of trees, page after page being spat out of the printer, stapler straining to bind it together; luckily for me it was Cat’s printer credits I was using. I am glad to see the back end of this week, it has ached on, and probably raised my blood pressure a couple of percent!

Last night’s alternative election made a fun change from the grey men in suits of the BBC, I tried to imagine what dull graphics they had attempted to use to spice it up. I stuck my middle finger to BBC One….Channel 4 had ‘fonejacker’ and Jimmy Carr’s horse-like laugh;the awkwardness of political ‘Come Dine With Me’ was must see TV.  Scenes of rioting outside polling stations were reminiscent of ’28 Days Later;’ only in Britain would there be a riot relating queueing,our foreign counterparts would have pushed in hours ago. I caught up with the result this morning, I was quite happily tucked in bed long before the 6am finish; It was interesting, but not that interesting. Now it seems David Cameron is trying to assemble some kind of political super power, a team of super powered MPs in their secret Houses of Parliament cave. I only hope John Prescott can still fit into his Spiderman lycra.

To follow is my review of the new ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ film, sadly it was a modern butchering of a classic tale. Jackie Earle Hayley couldn’t live up to his performance in ‘Watchmen;’ he suffered under the dying modern horror genre. In the end Freddy Kruger ended up looking more like a toad on botox, not burned in a fire. The plot is about Freddy, a razor gloved child murderer who is burnt alive; he comes back in children’s dreams and kills them in ever more imaginative ways. On the right is a picture from the original, some people just don’t know it is a bad idea to shave in the bath. The first film was a classic, with the bath scene, and the iconic Johnny Depp’s death scene.(MATURE CONTENT WARNING)I don’t know whether I have been desensitised, but it seemed to lack the originality or shock value; the first scared people for years. I’ve watched so many horror films some people are convinced I will someday become a razor fingered child murderer; well it could beat being a journalist?! I fear though this won’t be the last outing for ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, just like Freddy, bad remakes never die.  I was glad I was a pirate and watched it online, not wasting my money at the cinema.

Talking of the cinema, today I filmed at ‘Hyde Park Picture House;’ we were ushered through the creaky wooden doors and were instantly sent back in time. It was like we had stepped into the film ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’ Rich red velvet hung from the walls, ancient chandeliers hung from great domed ceilings; you could almost feel the history. I sunk back into the comfy folding chairs and conducted my interview;1 part of my piece down…. 1,000’s to go. If I don’t get this all done I may resort to doing a Johnny Depp, letting my bed swallow me whole would be a preferable way to die.


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