May the Fourth be with you

I have spent the day as a proper journalist, hammering the phones in search of a story;  a phone glued to one ear, a pen to my hand. The Sun once again tricked me (not the paper, the ball in the sky) I merrily skipped to uni in summer attire ready for a day of rays, until the impending doom descended on me…..perhaps it was the practical radio exam I was about to endure? My and two tutors locked in a radio room, padded walls closing in on me, the microphone glaring back! I had 12 news stories, had to drop four, then order them and read my bulletin in my best radio-speak. I could tell this was going to go badly as I nervously told my tutor I didn’t even know how to use the radio mic; I chewed over the words, stumbling at every other sentence as they turned to cottonwool in my mouth. “It’s all over” I hear you beg, but alas; I was then grilled about my choices, why did I feel a dog that died in Pets at Home is more important than an inflation rise still bemuses me?

My weekend is now full of a heavy melee of interviews and filming; for my local cinema story I travelled down the hill to Vue cinema. Dressed in my most professional flip flops and shorts I shuffled into the empty cinema; awkwardly I pretended I was looking at times, avoiding the eye of the staff until I was ready to make my move. After a short call to upstairs I was asked to wait on the comfy leather sofas: “Someone will be with you in a minute.” I felt as if I had accidentally wandered into an interview, I like the cinema, but a job shoveling popcorn was not what I was looking for. Sorry for the awful ‘Star Wars’ pun in the title, but I have heard it so much today I felt it was only fitting.

Over the weekend I was treated to the delights of Louise Jordan, the older, twinlike sister of Francine. The three of us spent last night laughing and giggling like Louise was an extension of our usual grusome twosome; talking about times we had embarrassed each other only lead to more embarrassment, but made good story telling. Louise decided that I was so nice she would treat us to a meal out; this could be the start of a beautiful friendship! I quite happily scoffed down a Calzone pizza, it barely landed on the table before it had vanished in a blur of silverware; I then helped myself to my second chocolate tart of the week.I am worried I will soon turn into one, that….or a potato.

Thursday brings with it election day, I am already planning what shows from the ‘Channel 4 Alternative Election Night’ I am going to watch. Edwina Currie on ‘Come Dine With Me’ AGAIN!!! I swear the television powers at be have contracted her to appear on every food show; just the other week her gargoyle face popped up on Heston’s feast, and the other year she was on ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’I think it could be her strange resemblance to Delia Smith, that smug look of superiority and shrill cry; I know I have never seen them together in a room…suspicious. The picture to the left certainly looks like a cook book cover, but atleast Delia knows what she is doing with her eggs!

Long gone are the days of conservative smugness, David Cameron may well hang himself if we get a hung parliament; I’m sure there would be many cheers seeing him swing from the rafter. This looks like the way we are going, united we stand…divided we fall?Now I am not one to bash someone’s political beliefs, I am merely an impartial observer, too lazy to get off my backside and register!

I did enjoy this video I found on Youtube of Mr.Cameron, I think it summed him up quite well, but sorry in advance for any Conservative supporters who read this; I would try and be objective, but apparently us journalists are incapable of that.

On a final note there was a bike roadshow at uni today; attempting to promote healthy students is a paradox in itself. There they were, students zooming round an enclosed space on an array of bikes, looking like children in a playground. I half expected to see a Victorian gentleman with monacle and top hat come riding in on a Penny Farthing, but this wasn’t the case. Anyway, if anyone doesn’t know what to buy me for my 21st I would quite like this; just think, we can all share it.

“It’s a party on wheels”


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