Iron Mania

I sat in the cinema, hands gripping the seat, waiting in anticipation for Iron Man 2; my feet tapped on the sticky floor as I stared, perplexed at the screen. High octance action and superhero nonsense filled my next 2 hours with nerdy glee;I laughed at the hidden sub plots, and picked up on all the references to past and future Marvel films. I played a game of spot the nerd, when the Captain America shield made a cameo the atmosphere changed, they ooh and aaahed. You could tell when people walked in, who was a die hard comic book nerd, and who was just here to enjoy the film; I imagined some of them sat there with a notepad, making notes, then sending a list of continuity errors in to a fansite somewhere. But for me I simply sat back and enjoyed myself, Robert Downey Jr. is fast becoming one of my favourite actors, bringing humour into every role he is in; it has been a good year for him, what with’Sherlock Holmes’ and now this. You could argue that Iron Man 2 is just a filler, setting up further super hero films, but I say “bring on Iron Man 3,” studio execs if you read this, I would quite like a role!

On Saturday I filled my little leather holdall and packed myself onto a Nation Express carriage, bound for Leicester. A 3 hour journey awaited me, but it was much cheaper than the train and worth it to catch up with friends. I amused myself by watching ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ on my ipod; not quite the cinema experience, but it will do. I was looking forward to being a Northern monkey in a Northern monkey vs. Southern fairy party to celebrate Becky’s birthday.I had managed to find a pair of ears with nose attached, squeeze the nose and it howled like a monkey; apparently though it made me more like a fox and sounded like a bird,  this mixed with my caveman outfit didn’t make a very convincing monkey(picture to follow). As I came down the stairs I began to regret my choice of outfit, the skirt didn’t quite cover my pants, this left me exposed and offering myself around as I sat down; nervously I shuffled into the garden and darted towards the people I knew. As the evening flowed so did the alcohol and I cared less about flashing myself to perfect strangers, I moved from Mickey Finns onto cider as we decided to play ring of fire. I created one of the most annoying (but affective) rules ever, if you aren’t drinking, you must hold your drink on your head; before long the game has descended into a shouting brawl, and we had run out of cards. Later I managed to resist the offer of Dominos pizza, as everyone scoffed down slices I didn’t even flinch, I had got to that dreaded point when you are too tired to eat;  I wanted to de-monkeyfy myself and just go to sleep.

The coach driver reminded us to keep phone calls to a minimum and keep our music down low, I couldn’t help but laugh as he made a couple put their food in the bowels of the coach. No hot food was allowed on board, so they hung their head as their takeaway was banished, only to be  reunited at their final destination, ice cold. The journey was made better by the surprise accompaniment of someone from Leeds, we chatted the journey away, sharing worries about our course workloads.My motivation to get home and finish my essay was short lived, all my jetsetting has taken my energy out of me; I just want to curl up in a ball and wake up in a few weeks time. Cinemas to ring, interview to arrange, books to renew, fines to pay, camera equipment to book out then probably break; the list seems never ending. The countdown has began to the end of my second year and I suddenly feel very old!


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