Add 01 to vote for Gordon, Add 02 to vote for David

As mentioned on facebook it seems that the Jeremy Kyle studio has doubled up as a political boxing ring. When watching ‘First Election Debate’I am wondering whether this is the political style X-Factor that Simon Cowell said was his next move. It is nice to see Nick Clegg grabbing some air time, and holding his own against the political heavyweights; the underdog may still rise from the ashes. Along with the Nick Griffin ‘Question Time’ , this is the only political show I have ever watched; I thought I would jump on the bandwagon ,join this moment in history, and attempt to be intellectual. I am unsure if any of you actually watch my videos, but I don’t put them up for my own good! Please watch the one below, I promise it will make you laugh(on another note also watch Cassette Boy ‘The Apprentice.’)

Today I began the dreaded task of essay preparation, this, is in actual fact far harder than writing the essay itself. I found myself surrounded by piles of notes, felling like this cheeky chappy( If only I was made of £5 notes all my monetary woes would be solved). Upon reflection I do wonder what I do in my lectures, very little was legible at all; it mainly consisted of doodles, or messages to Francine asking her to go for a potato.  So with notes out the window I turned to my electronic friend, Google Scholar, and trawled through the musings of intellectuals. My head pounded with words, and my eyes seemed to morph into two squares; the glare of the computer forced me to give up after just one article as I tried to digest it. Perhaps tomorrow will be more fruitful? However, I do feel I have accomplished something, on the way to the gym I took the slight detour to the library and took out a book on journalism. How I can’t wait to enjoy the chapter on ethics, sat in my armchair, swirling a glass of brandy and muttering to myself whilst puffing on a pipe.

Now, on a less educational note I slipped further into my overdraft today; admittedly it was only £10, but I felt all my essay work deserved some retail therapy. Tucked away in a lost corner of the internet is a cute little website called Lazy Oaf, packed with trinkets and madly designed t-shirts, this is the very place I bought my burger hat all those weeks ago. Today’s purchase marks the first stage of new invention; new look, new hair (when I get my loan), new season. Here I am spending money before my loan even lands in my bank account, but hey it’s only money, and you can’t take it with you; also if I die I won’t have to pay it back… take that student finance. So, to the left is my brand new t-shirt, not very clear I know,but most of you will get to see it,and unfortunately the speech bubble isn’t included; I will have to fashion one of my own. Against advice I will shoehorn myself into a size small, as I am sick of having clothes hanging off me like and old bag lady; this choice I am sure I will regret as the tumble dryer chews it up and spits it out, fit only for a doll.

Well I end yet another rambling blog with reference to Iceland; sorry not you Kerry Katona. It appears that an aggravated  volcano has had the last laugh; sadly, this ensures the news will be filled with health reports, travel reports, and environmental reports for the next few weeks. Pictures of desolate concrete airports transformed into metal graveyards captured from the sky news copter, however I feel no sympathy for those stranded in warmer climbs! Terrorists volcano? ITV news has just compared the incident to a terrorist attack, causing travel chaos far worse than 9/11, wow mother nature really does know how to screw with us.


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