What time is it? Tooth Hurty

I will start this post with my dream last night. Recurring, which is making me rather worried; atleast once a week I have a dream that either my teeth fall out, or I grind them down. I read online that dreams about  teeth can symbolise worries about appearance, money, and lack of power….. I think I will stick with the theory it is because I haven’t visited the dentist in a while. Perhaps a trip is needed; however have you seen the prices? I am only a poor student, not able to afford the £28 my local dentist charges for a checkup, as she zooms around in her pimped out Land Rover; so for the moment looks like hard brushing and nightmares of wobbly teeth.

On a lighter note, Mr. Sunshine has blessed Leeds and all who reside here. On my way to gym I smiled at the various people sprawled like cats on flat roofs, sunning themselves  a golden brown. Hyde Park was surprisingly busy, I hadn’t realised so many students were around at the moment, making the most of the weather, clumped in groups, clutching cans of beer. All of this as the ‘Park Patrol’ stalked around the grass, something more intimidating that a golf buggy with ‘Park Patrol’ written on it might command more authority. I also feel sorry for the trees, almost every one stabbed with a sign stating:



A small group took this to the extreme and I saw they had set up camp on the edge, just outside of the park to have their barbeque….. STICK IT TO THE MAN!

The tune of  ‘Captown Races’ has lingered in the air all day, churned out by the ice cream van, proof that you are never too old for a Mr.Whippy on a summer’s day. On the way back through the park the queue was phenominal,lined up were those clammering for something cold to lick inbetween sips of their beer. I have decided this could be a new money making scheme, I could monopolise the Hyde Park ice cream industry. I saw this Garfield ice cream van on ebay, just a snip at £3,100  which inclued £200 worth of stock, and a 6 lid freezer; before I know it I could be off on my rounds. Recently two men in Leeds converted an old ice cream van into a mobile bar “Mr. Frothy”…….genius!

So after a day of money making ideas and shedding pounds of water in the gym I am looking forward to kicking back. I am not sure if I can handle more wooden acting from the Harry Potter cast, but Doctor Who is top of the menu, maybe he can give an insight into my tooth troubles. Tomorrow if the weather is nice I will go patrol my ice cream patch, and maybe even indulge in frosty cider. Any takers?


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