Ashes to Ashes…dust to dust.

Friday night… time for a dose of Gene Hunt, the most un-PC PC in the world. “I’m Gene Hunt, I’m a PC, Windows 7 was my idea, now piss off”.For anyone who is yet to experience his charm here are some quotes:
“I’ll paint your balls like hazelnuts & tell the squirrels that winters coming!”

“She’s as nervous as a very small nun at a penguin shoot”

“You’re not the one who is going to have to knit himself a new arsehole after 25 years of aggressive male love in prison”

After 2 years on Life on Mars, and 2 on Ashes to Ashes this is set to be the final time before Gene Hunt is laid to rest. A simpler time when the police had a gun in one pocket and a bottle of whiskey in the other; not like today, a notebook in one, an attitude in the other. He speeds around in his Audi Quattro with the Eurythmics blaring in the background, I would be quite happy with any car to be honest. The Labour party, proving they are down with the kids have used Mr.Hunt against David Cameron, seen posing here like him. As I lie here, skylight open, clothes hanging from it at 19:39 waiting for 21:00 to roll by I am still laughing at Russell Howard’s good news, I highly reccomend it to anyone. A satirical look at the week with news clips, stories, and general stupidnessAlong with my iplayer bonanza of Ashes to Ashes, and Russell Howard I also watched the comedy children of ‘Outnumbered,’ the typical family plagued by outspoken, monster children. It rings back to the days when my mum used to take me, my brother, and my sister shopping with her, that was outnumbered to the extreme. Any child who spends 5 hours walking around the Trafford Centre is surely going to exact their revenge by tipping the trolley on your foot in Toys ‘R’ Us, the thing is our mum just wasn’t expecting it.

So after a day of turning my eyes square I am fast running out of things to watch. Have I accomplished anything else today? Well nothing of great value, I argued with a man on ebay over a missing item, to which he replied “I don’t believe you”, well it didn’t matter because he didn’t need to, unless he has terminator powers and can trace me through my I.P address. I also went to the estate agents and finally handed in the forms for my next house….. only a couple of months late. I entered the office to the awkward stares of about 5 workers, all behind desks. All right, I know I had just come out of the shower, and my t-shirt said Mr.Tickle on it, but give me a break. I took the easy option and darted to the smiling woman, rather than the sombre men in suits.

However it is Coach Trip that pretty much sums today up. I don’t mean to turn this into a pick of the week style television review, but I am genuinely hooked on Coach Trip; there are just 2 weeks left on this 50 day trip of Europe, it is like Big Brother, but confined to a coach; genuine car/coach crash TV.
Bachelor life is suiting me quite well at the moment, I am awaiting a dinner of jacket potato, with coleslaw and coronation chicken, and I even washed my clothes today. Time to hang them on the radiator before they begin to develop that damp smell like sick, or disappear into the marshland that has become my room, so all there is left to say is have a good weekend…..and “Fire up the Quattro”


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